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What our clients say...
"Absolutely amazing day and night followed by fantastic entertainment! Steve was so friendly and helpful through the whole wedding prep and was fab on the night too. Thank you so much!! We would highly recomment to everyone planning."
- Kim & Liam (Marquee at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Lorton, 17 June 2017)
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Venue Mood Lighting

Regardless of your event, be it you’re Wedding, School Prom, Birthday Party, or other function, you probably want your venue to look fantastic?

When I introduced Venue Mood Lighting across Cumbria and the Lake District it was an instant hit with both client and venue. Since its introduction in 2008 many have tried to imitate it, however there is more to installing uplighting than just running a few units down a wall, you have to really appreciate each venue of its merits and highlight specific features to draw the best out of each install. 

Using Venue Mood Lighting, your chosen colour scheme can now be used to wash the walls and room features with with vibrant colours, which can be static, slowly scrolling through the spectrum, or even reacting in time to the music!

My system utilises state-of-the-art LED par cans and will completely transform any function room or marquee, and the service doesn’t end there though, you may want to greet your guests along a corridor awash with one colour, then have a separate colour in your main function area, this is easily possible, and is only limited by your imagination. WE have a selection of wired, and wireless battery powered units, so you really are only limited by your imagination.

In the past I have used our mood lighting at various venues throughout Cumbria and the Lake District to specifically highlighting a focal point, be it a stately-fireplace, pillars or even sculptures or statues. It’s all possible, and leaves your guests talking about how great it was!

The advantages to Venue Mood Lighting