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What our clients say...
"Absolutely amazing day and night followed by fantastic entertainment! Steve was so friendly and helpful through the whole wedding prep and was fab on the night too. Thank you so much!! We would highly recomment to everyone planning."
- Kim & Liam (Marquee at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Lorton, 17 June 2017)
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Every venue is different and what may be perfect for some, may look very out-of-place in others.

With that in mind, I offer two different options for the Video & Photo Presentation. The first is a 60 inch pojector system, and the second is a 22 inch LCD television system. Both systems are ran from a laptop.

60 Inch Projector System

This system is the more popular of the two. It uses a high power Epsom projector and a 60 inch floorstanding projector screen to display a full sized, crisp image which your guests really couldn't miss. It can be set-up very quickly and is powered by a dedicated laptop system to run the footage on.  

22 Inch LCD Television

This system was specifically designed for those venues where space is tight, or where you dont want the feature to stand out as much as with the projector system.

The TV is mounted on a 4 foot high pedestal table, stylishly covered in a brillaint white Lycra fitted cover. It can be placed in a venues entrance, or in a corner of the function room and guests can be directed to it throughout the night. As with the projector system, the whole thing is ran from a dedicated laptop.