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What our clients say...
"Absolutely amazing day and night followed by fantastic entertainment! Steve was so friendly and helpful through the whole wedding prep and was fab on the night too. Thank you so much!! We would highly recomment to everyone planning."
- Kim & Liam (Marquee at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Lorton, 17 June 2017)
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Do you ever wonder if your guests have missed out on that special moment? Do you have video or photographs which you would love to show your guests throughout the night? Maybe pictures of your big day, photographs of the birthday boy, or girl, when they was younger, or a funny family DVD you wish to share with everyone.

With my Video & Photo Presentation you can now share those special moments with all your guests. Your photographs and video can be uploaded to our laptop, that can then be connected to either a 60 inch projector screen system, or if space is tight, we have a 22 inch LCD TV system which we can show the presentation on.

The advantages to Video & Photo Presentations